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Sexology 4

  • Currently 5.00000/5 Stars.

Starring: Andrew Andretti, Ed Junior, Laura, Marcelo Vidal, Max, Michelle B, Patricia, Sabrina Lins, Vitor Assungao

Categories: Anal, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Brunette, Gonzo, One On One, Outdoors, Pussy Licking, Redhead, Tit Fucking

Studio:Critical X

Date Added: Sep 03, 2010

Learn some of the greatest sex moves here in sexology 4!

Sexology 4, Scene 1

  • Currently 5.00000/5 Stars.

Starring: Laura, Marcelo Vidal

Length: 23:28

Categories: Blonde, One On One, Outdoors, Pussy Licking

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HubsandWife4life - Sep 03, 2010

After a fancy intro, the girl gets down and dirty

Sexology 4, Scene 2

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Starring: Sabrina Lins, Vitor Assungao

Length: 25:07

Categories: Blonde, Blowjob, One On One, Outdoors, Pussy Licking

Reviews: Show Reviews (1)

bkjrs - Sep 03, 2010

Hot chick, takes it in the ass

Sexology 4, Scene 3

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Starring: Ed Junior, Patricia

Length: 17:38

Categories: Anal, Brunette, One On One, Outdoors

Reviews: Show Reviews (1)

DntMessWithTX1 - Sep 03, 2010

Good butt and anal action but could have done without the terrible music

Sexology 4, Scene 4

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Starring: Daniela Matarazo, Max

Length: 26:25

Categories: Blowjob, Gonzo, One On One, Pussy Licking, Redhead

Reviews: Show Reviews (1)

lexlugar007 - Sep 03, 2010

Not the hottest scene but it will do

Sexology 4, Scene 5

  • Currently 4.00000/5 Stars.

Starring: Andrew Andretti, Michelle B

Length: 25:05

Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Gonzo, One On One, Tit Fucking

Reviews: Show Reviews (1)

logjammin - Sep 04, 2010

Nice tit-fuck and anal here


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